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                Chinese Businesses > Jewelry, Watches & Sunglasses (matching about 847 products, 10,046 businesses and 28 offers)

                Twin Great Limited   10 products
                foldable frisbee with pouch;foldable fan;PVC visor;custom bicycle seat cover;nylon foldable frisbee;tennis ball;foldable frisbee with pouch;inflatable PVC toy;plastic sun visor cap;folding sun hats;fa ...

                Zhejiang Newlilai Craftwork Co., Ltd.   30 products
                Beads,glass beads,acrylic beads,fashion beads,Imitation jewelry,jewelry parts,jewelry component,silver bead,golden bead,pearl beads,i bead,beads china,DIY BEAD,ceramic beads,bead importer,multicolour ...

                Talent (Tianjin) Electronics Co., Ltd.   14 products, 2 pictures
                Button making machines,pin badges,keychains,rotating turntables,promotional gifts,X-banners,hanging hooks,and POP products

                Yueqing Easy Living Co., Ltd.
                sunglasses,fashion sunglasses,reading glasses,kid's sunglasses,optical frames,sport sunglasses,titanium frames,aluminum sunglasses,party glasses,promotion gifts

                Shenzhen Boyang Packing Co., Ltd.   10 products
                Jewelry bag,Gift bag,satin bag,cotton bag,jute bag,velvet box,packing bag,velvet bag,perfume box,non woven pouch,cotton bag,linen bag,satin bag,canvas bag,leather bag,cellphone bag,phone pouch,earphon ...

                LIBERTY TEX CO LTD   24 products
                Embroidery lace,embroidery motif,embroidery fabric,embroidery applique,embroidery allover,embroidery sequin,Embroidery badges,Embroidery patch,Embroidery iron-on motifs,cotton embroidery

                FUDAN INTERNATIONAL LTD   28 products, 20 pictures
                Hong Kong
                Sunglasses,eyeglasses,sun glasses,optical frames,brand sunglasses,eyewear,designer sunglasses,original sunglasses,Fashion sunglasses,fashion eyeglasses,womens sunglass,metal eyeglasses,designer eyegla ...

                GUANGZHOU TIANQIU ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD.   16 products
                more than 100 kinds of batteries, including button cells, cylindrical batteries, special-use batteries, camera batteries and so on.

                Yantai Tri-River Foods Limited   32 products
                Juice concentrates and beverages, frozen fruits and vegetables, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, puree and puree concentrates

                Bolong International Group Company Limited   2 products
                Watch,fashion watch,Stainless steel watches,alloy watches,brand watch,silicone watch,sports watch,brass watch,kids watch,men's watch,lady's watch,classic watch,led watch

                Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd.   4 products, 2 pictures
                Int'l Leather Fair,Shoe Machinery & Raw Materials Exhibition,Int'l Optics Fair,Int'l Machine Tools Exhibition,Canton Shoes Fairs (Spring and Autumn Sessions),Int'l Electric Fair,CNG Leather Fair

                Dongguan Ding Xin Gift & Craft Factory   9 products, 6 pictures
                Badges,medals,souvenir coins,key chains,metal medal,dog tags,cuff links,bottle openers,name plates,money clips,book marks,mobile phone straps,fridge magnets,photo frames,belt buckles,ashtrays,bracelet ...

                Jilin XINYANG JIASHI Gifts Company   4 products
                various poster; workmanship pictures; etching; glass picture; wooden; embroidery picture; gifts; arts & crafts; various craft clocks and watches; workmanship pictures; etching; glass picture; wooden; ...

                Jiangsu Sunland Economic and Trade Co., Ltd.   11 products, 3 pictures
                Plastic Forceps,Disposable Vaginal Dilator,Plastic Test Tubes,Sterilized Disposable Syringes,Surgical Gloves,Sponge Holder,Plastic Centrifuge Tubes,Disposable Scissors,Plastic Sample cups,Disposable v ...

                Eyecare Eyewear INC.   2 products, 2 pictures
                Varieties of high-quality reading glasses, sun reading glasses with matching cases. We have patent of spring hinge, our glasses are not easy to broken