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                Chinese Businesses > Restaurants & Hotels (matching about 60 products, 1,530 businesses and 2 offers)

                BARGOGO INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.   4 products
                Bar Products,Bar Accessories,Kitchenware,Barware,Wine Accessories,Corkscrews,Openers,Muddlers,Bar Mat,Brushes,Bar Caddy,Salt Rimmer,Condiment Holder,Portable Bar,Pourer,Utensil

                Jiayixing (Dalian) Wooden Product Co., Ltd.   24 products, 2 pictures
                Ice cream sticks,ice cream spoons,coffee stirrers,corn dog sticks,tongue depressors,other food use and medical use sticks,wooden tableware

                Jinhua Enjoy & Wonderful Co., Ltd.   27 products
                Disposable tableware,plastic cutlery,plastic plate,plastic kinfe,plastic spoon,plastic fork,plastic cup,drinking straws,stirrer,disposable cutlery,plastic silver cutlery

                Astoria Co., Ltd.
                Acrylic serving trays, acrylic plates, wine accessories, wine shaker, cocktail glasses, wisky glasses, acrylic airtight canister, wine cooler bucket, etc.

                Heilongjiang Linke Wooden Product Co., Ltd.   3 products
                Wooden skewers,wooden dowels,ice-cream sticks,match splints,toothpicks,flag poles,tongue depressors,coffee stirrers,wooden clothes peg,chopsticks

                Taizhou Huangyan Yongjiang Plastic Co., Ltd.   6 products
                Cup,water jug,chopping board,salad bowl,water kettle,dish rack,crisper,cutlery tray,folding colander,folding cutting board,pitcher,tumbler,food storage container,jug set,rubbish can,sieve,bathroom set ...

                Green Power International Ltd.   3 products
                Hong Kong
                Hanger,Towel dispensers,Food processors,Manual juicer,Electric juicer,Mini slicer,Vacuum jugs,Dehydrator,Wine vacuum saver,Coffee grinder

                Xian Leecork Co., Ltd.   4 products
                Cork flooring,cork,cork sheet,cork roll,cork underlayment,cork products,cork coaster,cork tile,cork wall tile,cork floor,cork ball,cork boards,cork floating floor,cork planter,cork block,cork pad,cork ...

                Zhejiang Wuyi Senyuan Timber Co., Ltd.   5 products
                Cutlery tray,flatware tray,bamboo expandable cutlery tray,bamboo case,bamboo drawer organizer,tray,serving tray,cutting board,box,wooden box,knife set,bamboo basket,bamboo box,bamboo cutlery tray,wine ...

                Yongkang Wonder Hardware Factory   30 products
                Metal and plastic products, including flasks, mugs, cups, coffee pots, aluminium sports bottles, barware, corkscrews, wine stoppers, openers, wine pourers and can openers

                Yongkang Yuli Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd.   5 products
                wine box,wine opener,wine pourer,wine stopper,champagne stopper,wine gift set,wine ring,wine rack,wine shaker,garden tools,wine dispenser,wine corkscrew,wine collar,wiooden wine box,leather wine box,w ...

                Yiwu Wangfu Crafts Box Factory   4 products
                Wood crafts Box,wood case,MDF box,PU leather box,jewel case,glasses case/box,wooden carton,wine bottle set,jewellery box,jewellery show tool

                Zhejiang Ruite Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.   4 products
                Corkscrews, rabbit corkscrews, wine corkscrews, wine accessories, wine pots, wine racks, wine gift sets, wine sets, bar tools, bar tools, kitchen tools, deluxe corkscrews, deluxe wine sets, deluxe win ...

                Yangjiang E-Market Industrial Co.,ltd   6 products
                Wood block,cutting board,knife set,chopping board,knife box,wood knife box,wine tool,wine set,OEM,r&d,salad set,cutlery box,cutlery tray,wood product,bamboo product,knife set,salt&pepper mill,chip & d ...

                Oops Products Ltd   8 products
                Hong Kong
                Memo Clip, Keychain, Metal Desktop Items, Magnet Memo Clip, Name Card Holder, Promotional Item, Promotion Desktop Item, Promotional gift item, Metal bottle opener, Bookend, Memo Clip Holder, Name Card ...