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                Chinese Businesses > Hong Kong (matching about 15,724 products, 23,321 businesses)

                DRAGON CITY INDUSTRIES LTD   10 products, 2 pictures
                Hong Kong
                Jack, speaker, terminal, fuse, holder, plug, switch, clip, battery, coaxial, connector, battery clip, rca jack, socket, dc, optical, mini din,

                Beauty Capital Industrial Development Co.,Ltd.   3 products
                Hong Kong
                DAB Radio,WIFI Internet Radio,Mini Speaker,CD Player,Digital radio,clock radio,WCDMA mobile phone,GSM & WCDMA dual mobile phone,CDMA Fixed Wireless Phone

                Fudan Risun Information Technology Int'l Co., Ltd.   7 products
                Hong Kong
                RFID Reader,Barcode Reader,RFID Mobile Reader/Writer,Handheld Mobile Terminals,PDA,Wireless Scanner,Auto ID Scanner,Barcode Scanner,RFID tag,RFID label,Pocket PC,RFID Reader,Barcode Reader,RFID Mobile ...

                Wah Tat Plastic Works Ltd.   5 products, 3 pictures
                Hong Kong
                Dollar item,plastic ware,houseware,beauty ware,plastic basket,plastic combs,plastic box,food storage box,storage box,serving tray,plastic trays,pet bowl,pet comb,plastic food box,plastic plate,locker ...

                Hoi Shing Opal City   2 products
                Hong Kong
                Rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, brooches and other fine jewellery using diamonds, precious stones, coloured gems, cultured and fresh water pearls set in gold of various colour and karat.

                Miracle Associate Ltd   17 products
                Hong Kong
                Lace Collar & Motif, Handmade & Crochet Lace, Beads & Trims, Velvet Ribbon, Satin (Over140 Colours) & Checkers, Stretch Lace Or Colours Tapes, Azo Free Dyeing

                SUNYEX OPTOELECTRONIC CO., LTD.   4 products
                Hong Kong
                Led Display, Led Sign, Led Wall, Led Lighting Fixture, Led Bulb, Led Screen, Led Board, Led Panel, Led Full Color Display, Led Strip, Led Tube, Led Rainbow Strip, Led Message Board, Led, Led Light, Le ...

                Brigantine Services Ltd.   5 products, 5 pictures
                Hong Kong
                New ISO Container,Tailor-made Container,Cargo Worthy Dry and PTI Reefer Containers,Other AsIs Second Hand Containers,Prefabricated Container

                Durffee Tobacco (Holdings) Co., Ltd.   3 products
                Hong Kong
                Cigarette, Tobacco, Cigar, Philip Morris, Virginia, British American, Reemsta, Double Happiness, Durffee, Flue-cured tobacco, Filter, Smoker, Blend, Brand cigarette

                FEI TRADING CO. LTD   6 products, 6 pictures
                Hong Kong

                SUNGO HOLDING CO LTD   4 products, 4 pictures
                Hong Kong
                Calculators, Digital Temp Clocks, Digital Watches, Telephones, Sport Watches, World Time Calender, Radio With Clock, Games, Digital Photo Frame

                PTC Holdings Limited   6 products
                Hong Kong
                New Compatible / Remanufactured Toner Cartridge and Ink Cartridge, Copier Cartridge, Toner refill, Ink refill, Ribbon, TTR, Ink Film and OPC Drum

                InTouch Services, Ltd.   5 products, 5 pictures
                Hong Kong
                Product Inspection, Product Certification, Product Testing, Supplier Verification, Supplier Evaluation, In-line Inspections, Pre-Shipment Inspection, Quality Control, Loading Monitoring, Factory Audit ...

                Mr. WorkShop Limited
                Hong Kong
                Design Services, Packaging Services, Photography, Corporate Collateral, Sculpting, Engineering Drawings, Logo Design, Prototyping

                Essential Industries Ltd   6 products
                Hong Kong
                Photo Albums,Stationery,Boxes,Paper Bags,Photo Frames,Expanding Files,Hanging Files,Lever Arch Files,Box Files,Dividers,Mylar Tab Dividers,Notebooks,Back to School,Report Covers,Address Books,Wallets, ...